44-Wormy-Soft-Maple-Smyrna-4aWormy Soft Maple

Baillie Lumber sorts wormy soft maple from our standard soft maple bundles. 

Wormy soft maple is the term used for lumber with dark streaks of discoloration throughout the board.  This discoloration occurs in the species of maple that have the scientific name of Acer Rubrum

For many years, wormy soft maple was perceived to be inferior but that is not the case any more.  If sorted and pacakged seprately, wormy soft maple can be a hardwood lumber product of choice for special furniture or interior design applications.

Our wormy soft maple is usually offered in thicknesses 4/4" through 8/4" and a grade of 2 Common & Better.

Learn more about wormy soft maple here.

General Soft Maple Relative Working Properties:

Machining Resistance to
Splitting in Nailing
Resistance to
Splitting in Screwing
Very Good Fair Good Good

Physical Properties:

Specific Gravity (12% M.C.) Average Shipping Weight kilograms (kg) per cubic metre (m3) Air Dry Average Volumetric Shrinkage (oven dry % of Green) Modulus of Rupture (Kilopascals) Modulus of Elasticity (Megapascals) Side Hardness (Newtons)
0.47 564 12.0 61,000 7,900 3,100

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