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From Cebu City in the Philippines, to Carlsbad New Mexico, through Arlington Texas and eventually to Buffalo New York, Hezell Wilson’s journey has been one heck of a path.

Hezell Wilson moved to Buffalo NY earlier this year and joined the Baillie Lumber family in April as a part of the finance team.

Hezell Wilson office 2021“Hezell is a great addition to the team and a very experienced and talented person,” said Joanne Gerken, accounting supervisor at Baillie Lumber.  “She is an very dedicated, hard-working person with a wonderful positive attitude. You can tell when she sets her sights on accomplishing something she’ll work hard until it is achieved.”

That was obvious in her pursuit of citizenship as well. About two years ago, while still living in Texas, Hezell began her quest to earn U.S. citizenship. “I was already living in the United States for more than ten years and had already renewed my Green card status a few times, so I really wanted to earn citizenship of his wonderful country,” said Ms. Wilson.  “It was May when I seriously start pursing the formal process and I had a lot of work to do to make it happen!”

The road to U.S. Citizenship through Naturalization, the path Ms. Wilson pursued, is not an easy one. It is commonly
referred to as a “10 Step Process”, with a myriad of paperwork filings, deadlines, interviews and tests.

“Columbus Day is in October” is a statement I will never forget said Ms. Wilson. “It was the key sentence I had to articulate in both my oral and written interview for citizenship.”

Hezell Wilson citizenship 2021In July, Ms. Wilson travelled back to Texas, where her  pursuit of naturalization began, and successfully passed all aspects of the naturalization process to earn her U.S. citizenship. When asked what she looks forward to most she quickly mentions the right to vote!

“I want to thank the entire team at Baillie Lumber for supporting me in my journey. Everyone has been so accommodating and encouraging to me as I worked through this process. It is a great feeling to know I had the support of my Baillie family behind me” said Ms. Wilson.

To learn more about the road to U.S. Citizenship, click here.

To learn more about Baillie Lumber visit www.baillie.com.

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