Surfacing Added to St. James

At Baillie, we are always looking for ways to provide more options for our customers. That is why we are excited to announce the addition of the surfacing service to be available at our St. James concentration yard in Galion, OH with the installation of a Newman S-282 planer.

This addition offers us the ability to provide customers with more options regarding where they source their surfaced hardwoods of choice. Additionally, it can also allow us to better meet customer's specific requests.SJ Planer

While the addition of the new planer is exciting itself, Yard Manager, Kevin Knepp had this to say about the newest addition to St. James “The central U.S. has several markets that consume surfaced lumber. Adding a planer to St. James opens up a lot of possibilities for Baillie to better serve those markets with a diverse mix of surfaced products and species." Also, he noted that "adding a planer will help St. James by exposing our lumber to new customers who previously had no need for rough cut lumber. In today’s ultra-competitive market, the more variety in your arsenal the better off you will be."

Being located in Central Ohio, St. James already provides affordable transportation for some of the best Appalachian hardwoods on the market. This addition is expected to add another layer to our ability to manufacture more of the primary products customers demand in St. James which have traditionally been Red Oak, White Oak, Ash, Walnut, Poplar, and Cherry.

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