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Hardwood Lumber Internship Program Proves Valuable

Since we started our Baillie Lumber Internships, our interns - as well as Baillie- have found significant value in the program.

The Lumber Trader Internship Program offers a tremendous opportunity for students to apply what they have learned in the classroom and use their knowledge to gain experience with a global hardwood lumber company.Curtis

This summer,  Curtis Drevets, participated in the program to learn more about being a Lumber Trader.  When asked why he decided to take the Lumber Trader Internship Curtis said, “I was really excited about Baillie’s business with China. I am pretty interested in China and have some experience in Asia, so I was super interested in being around a company that does a lot of business with China and getting to see the inner workings of that.” Through the internship, Curtis was able to get the first-hand experience he desired with our business with China. 

Our interns are asked to work on a project that is valuable to the company while also providing a meaningful experience for the individual. In this case, Curtis was tasked with assisting our sales team with new customer development in China. With Curtis’ background in Asia, this topic was of interest to him and also important to Baillie. Curtis was excited about this aspect of the internship that not many companies offer. “You actually do things here at Baillie. You’re not just sitting around… you are actually given a project that adds value to the company, it is something that is significant, and something that the company actually wants to find out. They give you the resources to find out and do the best on that project. That is the unique part about this internship.”  

Many times new experiences can bring about personal development. Through the Lumber Trader Internship Curtis expressed that he was able to learn a little bit more about himself. “I learned I really do enjoy the opportunity to go for something, risk something, and potentially fail… I was given a project and allowed do it however I saw fit. I scripted on a specific approach, I was just given a lot of resources and told go for it” said Curtis. “I learned that I really do enjoy those situations, going for it, taking those risks, and then coming back and reflecting and readjusting from there.”

While we take pride in knowing that our internship program is educational and meaningful to students, we also see many benefits for Baillie. Besides the fact that it is beneficial for us to hire many of our promising young interns after graduation, we find the fresh outside perspective that today's students can offer to be extremely valuable. Obtaining an outside perspective can offer a new set of eyes to address a difficult problem or situation, which can really be a great help to our business.


If you are interested in learning more about our program click here.

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