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Change at the Titusville, PA Concentration Yard

We have mentioned in the past the benefits of promoting from within and the importance of investing in employees to allow them to expand their skillset, succeed, and grow professionally. That is why we are proud to announce the promotion of Jim Schofield to his new role of Inventory Manager at our Titusville, PA facility. 

Recently, Jim, who was our manager trainee at our Titusville concentration yard, accepted the role of hardwood lumber inventory manager. DSC1805

“Since Jim came aboard a few years ago he has been a really valuable addition to our team,” says Bob Holcomb, manager of Baillie's Titusville facility, “ with Jim’s work ethic and passion for the hardwood lumber industry I think he will do very well in his new role.” 

Mr. Schofield started with Baillie 3 years ago right after graduating from college and is excited about starting his new role “I'd say I am most looking forward to getting to work with a larger group of people and getting to know those people better through this position" said Mr. Schofield "it is going to be a new experience and a challenge but it will help me grow and continue my career." 

Our Titusville, PA facility primarily handles Red Oak, White Oak, Cherry, Ash, Hard Maple and Soft Maple inventory, which Mr. Schofield will be managing.  

We are excited to have Jim as part of the Baillie family and congratulate him on his new role!

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Baillie Lumber is one of North America's largest hardwood lumber manufacturers, distributors, and exporters. We have grown from a regional supplier of domestic hardwoods to an international hardwood manufacturer that can ship hardwood lumber to any region of the world.

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