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New Donalds, SC Yard Manager Hired from Within

Most leaders would tell you that being able to hire qualified candidates from within benefits organizations greatly. 

scottstringerPromoting employees into new positions often results in an easier transition of duties, a better understanding of responsibilities, a boost to corporate culture and improved loyalty to the organization.  That’s why it was a true benefit for Baillie Lumber to name Scott Stringer as the new Yard Manager for the Donalds, SC facility.

Mr. Stringer been with Baillie lumber for 7 years. During that time he has worked primarily as the Inventory Manager for the Donalds, hardwood lumber concentration yard. During that time, he proved himself to have a thorough understanding of all operational areas of the location. 

While serving in this role Mr. Stringer also provided support and assistance to the Trempealeau, WI facility and spend countless hours working with and supporting the specialized proprietary grade programs for Baillie Lumber.

“Scott has proven over his career to be a hard-working, knowledgeable and loyal advocate for the organization. It was an honor to be able to promote him into this position for the company,” said Matt Reynolds Senior Yard Manager.

Mr. Stringer is a graduate of Penn State University’s Wood Science program, currently referred to as The Forest Ecosystem Management degree program. Prior to his role in Donalds, SC he served as a management trainee for Baillie Lumber in the Smyrna, NY facility.

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