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Training Turns into Team Building

North American hardwoods continue to be in demand in regions all around the world. Designers, architects and manufacturers specifically request certain American hardwood lumber species for all types of projects ranging from furniture and flooring to decorative wall panels and custom cabinetry.

amy jamie2When manufacturers outside of the United States possess their own sawmilling capabilities they sometimes turn to importing hardwood logs instead of lumber to produce their products. When they do, the Baillie Log team is there to help them find the logs they need to get the job done.

The Baillie Lumber Williamsport, Pennsylvania facility is one of our primary locations for hardwood log exports. It is here that logs are scaled, graded, stacked, sorted and loaded into containers for international shipment.

Proper preparation for export shipments takes time and communication.  Recently a team of people from Baillie’s main office travelled to Williamsport to see firsthand how hardwood logs are prepared and to discuss ways to streamline operations to improve shipment intervals.

“It was great to spend time with Williamsport log team and discuss process improvement”, said Jessica Eschberger sales assistant team leader  “By focusing on certain workflow improvements we are now better able to forecast when loads will be ready for booking and we expect to be able to decrease shipping intervals by as much as 20%.”

Jon Hand, Williamsport log manager added, “it was nice to identify a few key areas for process improvement but the real benefit of this visit was the team building that took place.”

The Baillie Williamsport log yard buys and sells hardwood logs year round. They provide all major Appalachian hardwood species including cherry, hard maple, hickory, red oak and walnut.

For more information on the Williamsport Log Yard click here. cindy michelle jessie

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