Tuesday, 06 September 2016 17:29

Baillie Hardwood Log Team Convenes in Williamsport

Log Buyers, Foresters, Sawmill Leaders and support staff involved with the Baillie Log Division gathered in Williamsport, Pennsylvania recently to share best practices and learn new ideas as it pertains to the hardwood log program.

Hardwood-Log-Summit-2016The team of nearly 50 professionals from locations throughout the Eastern United States spent two days discussing how to improve our log program for our customers.  Tackling topics such as how best to prepare loads of logs for shipment, improving hardwood log selection and consistency as well as proper log grading those in attendance gained a tremendous amount of knowledge that will benefit everyone in the program.

“This was the second year for the Baillie Log Summit”, mentioned Jon Hand the leader of the Baillie Log Program. “I was extremely excited to see the amount of information people shared with one another. It will only help improve the product our customers get from us going forward.”

The Baillie Lumber Log Program offers customers a wide range of North American hardwood logs.  Species include white oak, walnut, red oak, cherry , hickory, hard maple, white ash, birch, poplar, and basswood.  Baillie can source hardwood logs from New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia, Missouri, Virginia, Wisconsin, South Carolina and Indiana.  Baillie can provide customers logs in grades ranging from hardwood saw logs up to the highest quality veneer logs.

For more information pertaining to the Baillie Log Program visit www.baillie.com/logs.

For more information about this release contact Tony Cimorelli at 716-649-2850.





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