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Expanding Hardwood Timber Mat Program

Baillie Lumber has been manufacturing hardwood timber mats for a few years now in our Clendenin Lumber facility in Donalds, South Carolina.

These high quality hardwood mats, sometimes referred to as crane mats, bridge mats, or road mats, are produced from solid oak so they will be durable stand up to the wear and tear of construction zones and various weather conditions better than standard mixed hardwood mats. 

timber mat machineDue to increased customer demand, an additional investment in equipment and resources was made to help increase production.

Over the past few months a new drilling rig and assembly shed were installed.  This project was led by sawmill manager Matt Fisk and management trainee Jacques Ntahoturi and completed entirely with the existing staff at the yard.  “It was a great project to work on”, said Mr. Fisk. “It is a great testament to the skilled and experienced team we have working here to be able to complete this project without additional resources.”

With the installing of the new drilling rig at Clendenin Lumber they will be able to double their rate of mat production and also add the capability of manufacturing custom designed or customer specific mat sizes to their product mix.

“The addition of manufacturing hardwood timber mats to our product mix has really helped the sawmill work more efficiently,” mentioned Matt Reynolds Clendenin Sawmill Manager.  “We look forward to this new equipment helping us meet our rising customer demand.”

Clendenin Lumber’s hardwood timber mats are typically assembled in both 16’ and 18’ lengths which is a commonly requested size for companies in the oil and gas, utility, and road building industries.

For more of a glimpse into the production facility watch this video.

For more information on our Timber Mats visit our website.

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