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Expanding Log Procurement in North Carolina

Clendenin Lumber, a subsidiary of Baillie Lumber Co., has recently expanded our hardwood log procurement into the Mountains of North Carolina.

nodine"Access to high quality Red Oak timber from the mountains of North Carolina has opened up new markets for us", says Billy Hook, Log Sales manager for Clendenin.

The buyers in the veneer and sawlog markets demand a fine textured Red Oak log that is free of internal defects. The Red Oak trees growing at these high elevations in North Carolina are excellent for this.  We find that these logs are in high demand in the United States, as well as in several overseas markets such as China and Vietnam.

To support our efforts in this region Clendenin Lumber recently hired Charles Nodine to purchase mountain timber and cut logs.

"Charles has a wealth of experience, knowledge and industry contacts. We are glad to have him join our team", says Hook.

Mr. Nodine has an over ten years of procurement experience in North Carolina, Tennessee, South Carolina and Virginia.  He earned his Associates Degree in Forest Management from Haywood Community College.  He is a member of several industry associations including the Tennessee Forestry Association, the North Carolina Forestry association, and the Carolina Loggers Association.

“My approach is to strive to build long term relationships with landowners and loggers. I simply try to treat others the way I want to be treated knowing that if our loggers succeed so will we. That’s the philosophy I will try to bring to this role with Baillie as well”, says Charles Nodine, Baillie Lumber Forester.

The addition of Mr. Nodine is another example of the success the Clendenin hardwood Log program has had.  The people in this program source logs from some of the finest forests throughout Upstate South Carolina, Western North Carolina and Northeast Georgia. The experienced staff in this program supervise each step of the log process to ensure customers receive exactly what they desire.

“Log sales remain brisk.  We have been getting some of the best white oak, ash and hickory logs that I've seen recently and adding high quality red oak from the Smoky Mountain of North Carolina really rounds out our hardwood log sales program.  All of our foresters are doing a terrific job of buying the type of high quality timber we need to meet our customer's requirements", mentions Hook.

We welcome Charles to the Baillie Lumber team!

For additional information on the Clendenin Log Program visit the website or contact Billy Hook directly.

Billy Hook

Log Procurement & Sales

Baillie Lumber Co


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