Tuesday, 05 July 2016 17:47

St. James Installs Vision Tally to Improve the Customer Experience

The hardwood lumber industry is a competitive marketplace. Whenever you can improve in efficiency or increase productivity you gain the opportunity to better serve your customers. That’s why we are constantly looking for ways to upgrade expertise, processes, programs, or tools in our facilities. We recently had the opportunity to do just that with the installation of a Vision Tally laser scanning and measuring system at our St. James lumber yard in Galion, Ohio.

Hardwood lumber vision tallyVision tally is a laser scanning technology that measure and tallies bundles of hardwood lumber automatically. This system scans and measures the actual length and width of each board with a dual camera system and then creates a hardwood lumber tally using industry grading rules without manual intervention.

At St. James we opted for installing this system to improve the overall customer experience.  We see the Vision Tally system improving our ability to provide timely, accurate electronic tallies to customers more efficiently.  We see the system enabling us to be more dependable in meeting the documentation needs of our customers and also increasing our ability be flexible and solve problems for customers pertaining to total load measurement in the future.

“The Vision Tally system is a great enhancement the St. James Yard. The team here in Galion, Ohio views this as another investment in our ability help customers with their current and future hardwood lumber needs”, said Bob Bell Baillie Lumber Yard manager.

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