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Clendenin Log Program Gears Up For The Summer Months

For many years, Clendenin Lumber has been involved in the resale of hardwood logs. Over the past year, we have redefined and sharpened our focus on this program and have improved the way we serve customers in this segment of the hardwood market.

Our Clendenin Lumber Log Program includes a rigorous, multi-step inspection process that was redesigned earlier this year to improve overall log quality for customers.hardwood-logs-sun-shade

In general, once logs are scaled into the yard, the process begins. Hardwood Logs are double end trimmed and all 4 faces of the log are inspected visually from a knuckle boom. From there, logs are segregated and laid out in the appropriate part of the yard based on species and grade. Water is applied to the fresh faces of the log to ensure the internal quality. Logs are then rolled with cant hooks, again ensuring the external faces are proper and meet specifications. Finally, the log team of Jack Hamm and Billy Hook, with over 50 years’ experience between them, inspect each log to ensure it will meet the customer’s specific requirements.

“Summer time means hot weather, so special care must be taken to ensure logs arrive to our customers in the best possible condition”, says Billy Hook Clendenin Log Program Leader. To ensure this hardwood-log-measuring-clendeninhappens the logs from the Clendenin Log Program are stored in shade-dry tents prior to preparation. Special care is also given to each log to limit their exposure to weather. Flitches or S/Irons are included on both ends of every hardwood log, a double coat of wax is applied to each end and any spots of the log without bark.

Clendenin Lumber has a reputation for providing excellent white oak logs. We have access to high quality, high elevation stands of timber in the Smoky Mountain regions of up-state South Carolina, Northeast Georgia and North Carolina. This ensures us a steady and reliable supply of superior white oak logs.

Clendenin is known for the light color of its white oak logs. Current markets served include flat sliced and rotary grade veneer, barrel staves, quarter sawn lumber and production of solid furniture components.

Additional species of hardwood logs available include red oak, poplar, ash, hickory and gum.hardwood-log-measuring2-clendenin

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