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Slabs of Tropical Species are Added to Portfolio

The Spring season is a great time to visit hardwood lumber sawmills in Mexico and Central America. Traditionally, this is the time when the majority of their logs are harvested each year. In general, sawmills in this region are usually smaller than what we are used to in America. They do not produce large volumes, are controlled closely by the authorities and rely on some very old fashioned techniques.

Because of that we find it to be a great place to not only buy properly sustainably managed hardwood lumber products, but also a great place to secure some unique lumber.

On a recent trip to Mexico and select countries in Central America, we were able to secure future shipments of Genuine Mahogany “Swietenia macrophylla”, Caribbean Rosewood, also knSlab-Caribbean-Rosewood-Worldwoodown as Chechen, “metopium, browneii” and many other tropical species we inventory on a regular basis.

The Genuine Mahogany we purchase from here is shipped to us as air dried lumber. We prefer to dry the lumber ourselves at our facility in Cove City, North Carolina to control the manufacturing process and improve the quality for our customers. After drying, we sort the lumber into different grades such as Select and Better, Pattern Grade, Figured stock and some unique musical grade sorts that we develop for our customers.

The Caribbean Rosewood is a colorful and very textured wood that is a great substitute for Morado that is very difficult to source these days. Having new inventories in stock will be a great benefit to our tropical hardwood customers later this year.

Some new items we were able to secure from this region are some unique hardwood lumber slabs. We were able to obtain new fresh slabs of Caribbean Rosewood, Monkeypod, also called Raintree, and Katalox. These beautiful pieces of lumber will be available to customers in the weeks to come and certainly be turned into some fantastic and unique lumber products.Slab-monkeypod-Worldwood

If you are interested in knowing more about these tropical hardwood slabs, or any other imported hardwood lumber products, contact us today!

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