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Company Growth Results in New Hire

Baillie Lumber Boonville hardwood log yard - Teddy RoyalFor the past year, one of the company’s strategic objectives was to focus on ways we can attract and retain skilled and talented individuals all across the organization.  Up until this time, each of our locations has acted independently and activities started or stopped based on need.  Recently, we came to the realization that in many instances we could benefit from sharing information, experiences and even the work load.  It was this this realization that led to the creation of a new human resources role primarily focused on year-long employee recruitment and development.

Baillie Lumber is fortunate to announce our newest member of the team, Teddy Royal, as this individual.  Mr. Royal joins the Baillie family with a tremendous amount of experience and skills that will certainly help us attract and retain employees more effectively across all departments.  He is a graduate of Penn State University and his background includes interviewing and hiring for a variety of positions including manufacturing, skilled tradesmen, customer service, sales, administration, and information technology.

“We are excited to bring on a person as experienced as Teddy.  His initial focus will be on building a pipeline of talented candidates for many of our manufacturing facility positions including assistant managers, mid-level production and skilled maintenance roles” said Jill Meyer, head of human resources.

Part of Teddy’s first 90 day plan will be to coordinate Baillie’s participation in the various college career fairs we will be attending from now until December. 

“I am excited to join the Baillie Lumber family.  It will be a challenge to shape the responsibilities of a new role for the company but I am looking forward to it!” Teddy Royal.

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