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Baillie Lumber Introduces Students to the Hardwood Lumber Manufacturing Process

People are familiar with the consumer products hardwood lumber goes into.  Hardwood flooring, cabinetry, furniture and more are all common products in today’s marketplace.  But not many are introduced to the process of how logs are transformed into usable lumber for the  raw materials needed to manufacturer these products.

Piedmont technical College TourBaillie Lumber was happy to provide a tour to a group of students from the Piedmont Technical College participating in the South Carolina Manufacturing Certification program.  This program prepares students for a career in manufacturing.  The program includes 200 hours of classroom instruction with 32 hours of hands-on activities and 8 hours of production simulations.  Students obtain a deeper understanding of the importance of employee safety, quality control, plant maintenance and overall manufacturing production and process design, which leads to a Certified Production Technician credential from the Manufacturing Skill Standards Council (MSSC).

“It is always great to introduce visitors to our facility and what we do. Especially when it is a group of people interested in pursuing a career in manufacturing” said Matt Reynolds Donalds, SC Yard Manager.

The Baillie Lumber location in Donalds, SC is both a sawmill and a lumber concentration yard.  Hardwood logs from timber lots throughout Upstate South Carolina, Western North Carolina and Northeast Georgia are brought to the facility for processing into kiln dried hardwood lumber and timber mats.  The facility primarily processes the species of red oak, white oak and poplar for customers all around the world.

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