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New Leader For Yard Operations Team

jason-kelley-Baillie-Lumber-operations-leaderFor years, the Baillie Lumber’s hardwood concentration yards have been led by industry veteran Ken Philbrick.  When Ken announced his intentions to retire earlier this year it was important that Baillie found a replacement that could step into his shoes and keep the operation running smoothly. That’s why when Jason Kelley was selected to be the new leader for all concentration yard operations it seemed like a perfect fit.

Jason, a graduate of the Pennsylvania State University School of Wood Products, was appointed the leader of yard operations for Baillie Lumber effective August 3rd. Prior to this position he was the yard manager at the Baillie facility in Cove City, North Carolina where he lead the team for the past seven years.

During the first few months in his new capacity Jason will be traveling to the different Baillie Lumber facilities to meet as many employees as possible and better understand how each yard approaches their hardwood lumber business.

“There are several existing product and equipment projects already in process at many of our facilities. Although all the yards follow the same basic approach to producing hardwood lumber, the different species, equipment, climates and supply options mean a few subtle differences to what I am used to,” commented Jason Kelley.  “Meeting the team and getting to know each yard better will be a top priority these next few months.”

Jason and his family are in the process of relocating to Upstate New York. 

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