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Clendenin Lumber Co. Hosts Clemson Forestry Students

20150616 101145 resizedTraining and developing the workforce of tomorrow is always important.  That’s why we were happy to host a group of forestry students from Clemson University at our Donalds South Carolina facility.

Managers Matt Reynolds, Matt Fisk and Scott Stringer conducted an in-depth yard tour for 28 students and professors involved with the Clemson University Forest Resource Management undergraduate studies program.

During the tour visitors were given an opportunity to view firsthand the process of converting hardwood logs to individual hardwood lumber bundles available for domestic or export shipment.

The tour provided these future forestry professionals an opportunity to observe and ask questions on topics such as:

    • Hardwood timber harvesting
    • Procuring hardwood logs20150616 110001 resized
    • Sawmill operations
    • Kiln drying techniques
    • Hardwood lumber grading
    • Sorting practices
    • Hardwood lumber packaging
    • Product transportation

“It was an honor to host those involved with the Clemson Forestry Summer Camp,” said Matt Reynolds head sawmill and yard manager. “Whenever we can share ideas, experiences, and perspectives pertaining to the forest products industry with others it is a good thing.”

Clendenin Lumber is a subsidiary of Baillie Lumber Co., one of North America's largest hardwood lumber manufacturers, distributors and exporters.  Clendenin Lumber Co. specializes in the production of green and kiln dried hardwood lumber, crane mats and industrial timbclendenin-yard-brand-baillieers. The main species produced are Red Oak, White Oak and Poplar primarily sourced from loggers and landowners throughout the Upstate South Carolina, Western North Carolina and Northeast Georgia region.

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