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Customers Develop Their Own Hardwood Lumber Grade

hardwood lumber manager bob bellFor decades, Baillie Lumber Co. has been working with customers to develop unique hardwood lumber products that help their manufacturing process be more efficient.  Through our Custom Lumber Solution program, experienced Baillie Lumber Yard personnel travel to customer sites as Product Development Specialists.  Their objective is to work hand and hand with our customers to develop proprietary grade hardwood lumber solutions that help save time and money.

Recently, two new lumber professionals have joined the team as Product Development Specialists available to travel to customer locations.  Bob Bell, from our Cove City North Carolina facility and Scott Stringer from our Donalds South Carolina facility join the ranks of existing Baillie Lumber operations personal from New York and Pennsylvania to visit with customers and work on unique lumber solutions.

“Both Bob and Scott have a keen sense of lumber utilization and what type of sorting criteria could be used to accumulate the quality and the quantity of lumber a customer could use”, said Mark Bartoe operations manager. “We are excited to have these guys traveling to customer locations to develop solutions that help them solve problems.”

hardwood lumber manager scott stringerTo learn more about our Custom Lumber Solution program click here or contact your respective Baillie Lumber sales representative.  We will help youdesign the right lumber for your manufacturing process!

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