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New Hardwood Ripping Division

Hardwood Rip Saw

Baillie is commonly recognized as one of North America's largest hardwood lumber manufacturers and a a provider of quality hardwood lumber, logs and other value added products including ripped-to-width hardwoods to customers throughout the world.

Earlier this year, Baillie developed a new Hardwood Ripping Division to better assist customers through a focused and centralized team.  Though Baillie has been active in ripping and value added products sales for years, the new ripping division represents a focused effort across geographic regions to partner with current and new clients. Bob Uglow leads the marketing efforts for this across North America from the Hamburg, New York location.

Baillie has been running advanced yielding ripsaws in two locations for over 15 years. The most recent investment includes a  Raiman KR 450M line in the Smyrna, New York location. This four moveable blade system enables an infinite amount of saw configurations to maximize dimensional yields for customers.

The Hardwood Lumber Ripping Division combines cut bills from our broad base of customers to create production runs with high yields which saves our customers time and money. This allows our clients to purchase only the products that fit for their specific needs!

The other location that provides customers ripping solutions is Leitchfield, Kentucky.

If you would like more information on teh Hardwood Lumber Ripping Division contact Bob Uglow directly at 407-496-414.

For more information pertaining to this artilce contact Tony Cimorelli – 716-649-2850



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