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Enhancements at Potter Lumber Company

Potter stencilBaillie Lumber Co. and Potter Lumber Company have enjoyed an excellent working relationship for a very long time.  For decades, Potter Lumber Company has entrusted Baillie Lumber to be their primary sales channel for all their kiln dried lumber production.  As a valued core mill provider for Baillie, Potter Lumber has helped provide quality hardwood that has enabled Baillie to meet the different demands of our customers worldwide.

Recently, leaders from both the Baillie and Potter operations worked together to design and implement production enhancements for the Allegany NY facility.  Through a combination of log mix utilization methods, sawing pattern changes and a variation of kiln loading techniques, board footage production has increased over 30% compared to this time year a year ago.

It is exciting to see these enhancements taking root at Potter Lumber Company,” said Jared Fowler the General Manager of Potter Lumber. “The increase in production is coming to fruition at a good time as industry demand for quality hardwood lumber production continues to rise.”

The increases of kiln dried lumber are expected to be in the primary species produced by Potter Lumber which have traditionally been Ash, Cherry, Hard Maple, Red Oak, and Soft Maple. Much of the new production will be available for shipment to customers beginning in early 2014.

For more information contact Tony Cimorelli at 716-649-2850.

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