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Investing in Improving Supplier Relationships

Over the years, Baillie Lumber has relied on a trustworthy and dependable network of hardwood lumber suppliers to supplement our own hardwood manufacturing capabilities.  This important network of hardwood suppliers has given us a breadth of species and inventory availability unmatched by most other hardwood lumber manufacturers.Baillie Lumber Supplier Relationship Specialist Jason Brook

A main focus for Baillie Lumber has been continuing to find ways to improve our relationship with these suppliers.  Jason Books, our most recent Supplier Relationship Specialist, has helped us do just that.

With a wealth of problem solving and solution building experience gained from his prior positions supporting the oil and gas and power industries, Jason has made a significant impact in helping Baillie enhance many of our supplier relationships.

“We know our hardwood suppliers have options. We want to be the best overall option for them to sell lumber to and my job is to help by doing whatever it takes” said Jason Brooks.

Baillie Lumber’s Supplier Relationship Specialists spend a lot of time trying to improve communications.  Whether it be supplying proper purchase order information, resolving invoice issues, tracking trucks, or helping with special pick up requests, these individuals act as the single point of contact for supplier issue resolution.

Jason commented, “I love the fact that each day is different!  Analyzing a situation and coming up with a quick solution to keep our suppliers lumber moving is critical.  I know lumber has to move for them to make money and for us to keep our customers happy.  I love when I am able to help do just that!”

For more information contact Tony Cimorelli – 716-649-2850

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