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Red Grandis gives customers additional choice

troncoWhen Baillie Lumber became an authorized distributor of Red Grandis earlier this year, it provided our customer more choice and more flexibility when it came to hardwood lumber solutions.

Red Grandis is a plantation grown, environmentally friendly and 100% FSC certified solid hardwood from Uruguay.  Developed by Urufor, Red Grandis is ideally suited for higher end residential and commercial applications.  Red Grandis is commonly used in furniture, doors, millwork, cabinetry and custom architecture.

The addition of Red Grandis to the Baillie Imported Hardwoods portfolio provides customers with additional options and flexibility.  Baillie customers now have access to an additional FSC certified material, access to a species that is growing in popularity, and the ability to choose yet another hardwood species to complete a load for shipment.

“We are excited to bring Baillie Lumber on as a distribution partner” said Christopher Endsjo, USA Sales and Marketing Director for Urufor. “Their emphasis on solving customer problems and developing customized solutions for hardwood lumber users fits well with the benefits Red Grandis provides.”

tablaReadily available in 4/4", 5/4", 6/4", and 8/4" thicknesses, Red Grandis is mainly sold as a 4/4” thicknesses.  The lumber’s length structure ranges from 8' to 16'.  Red Grandis is known to be easy to machine, highly resistant to splitting and easy to glue.

“The addition of Red Grandis to our portfolio gives our customers additional alternatives.  We have already noticed an increase is mixed load requests. Not only are customers mixing it with two or three other imported hardwood lumber species, they have been asking us to mix it with some of the Ash, Red Oak, and White Oak shipments leaving our Cove City, North Carolina facility as well.” Commented Jesper Bach Director of Imported Hardwoods at Baillie Lumber.

Questions pertaining to Red Grandis can be answered by your regular Baillie Lumber point of contact.

Link to the Baillie Lumber Red Grandis website.

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