Hardwood Logging in Pennsylvania

Baillie Lumber has years of experience working with land owners and loggers in the Northern Pennsylvania region.

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Baillie Lumber owns and operates sawmill locations in close proximety to the hardwood forests of Central and Northern Pennsylvania.

We are regularly looking to source hardwood logs in species such as:

    • Cherry
    • Hard Maple
    • Red Oak
    • Birch
    • Soft Maple
    • Ash
    • Hickory
    • White Oak
    • Butternut
    • Basswood
    • Walnut

We can arrange for complete timber harvesting, purchase logs on the landing, or accept logs delivered to one of our sawmill locations.

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Phone Numbers:

315-942-5284 - Boonville, NY - Sawmill

607-627-6547 - Smyrna, NY - Sawmill

570-666-3398 - Williamsport, PA - Hardwood Log Yard


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