Hardwood Rips for Moulding Manufacturers

For many of our hardwood moulding customers we are a supplemental answer to problems of "balance".

Our ripped to width products help you bring in exactly what you are selling out.  We also keep our moulding clients from creating large inventories of ripped blanks that do not sell. 

We have regular markets for non-clear items and can produce defect parts along with nearly any clear production run. 

Our large inventory of hardwood lumber allows us to help our customers regularly source hard to find lengths.

When designing a ripped to width moulding program…our clients decide:

- Lengths and percentages of each length required.

- What is permitted as a defect and what is not.

- Color parameters for Heartwood / Sapwood.

- Trim specs (if requested).

Also our Precision End Trim Saw allows us to make blanks from 4’ to 12’ long exact length.hardwood rips for mouldings

Contact me directly with questions. And let us know if you are seeking S4S solutions?

Bob Uglow
Baillie Ripping Division
Hamburg, NY
Cell: 407-496-4146
Office: 800-950-2850

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