Hardwood Lumber Sorted For You!

Ash stripsAt Baillie, we provide the hardwood lumber you require sorted by length, width, grade or color.

We can also rip and surface hardwood lumber into the perfect moulder blank, cabinet face frame, or flooring blank you could need.

Why special sorts? To improve your yields! Whether it be special width sorted, length sorted, or color sorted hardwood lumber tell us your requirements and we'll do our best to help you leave waste at the mill!  We can provide special sorts in most major North American hardwoods including white oak, walnut, red oak, hard maple and more.

Ask us specifically about our rustic hickory and rustic white oak sorted strips!

Reduce your costs by letting us deliver your hardwood lumber sorted based the way you need it.

Contact us today!  Someone from our hardwood lumber sales staff would be happy to help you determine the best hardwood lumber sort for your use.

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