Hardwood Lumber By-Products

hardwood-bark-lowBaillie Lumber's sawmills produce some of the finest hardwood lumber in the industry.  In the process we also develop a significant amount of hardwood lumber by-products that we regularly need find a home for.

Hardwood Lumber By-Products generally consist of bark, chips and sawdust.


Hardwood bark is generally sold to landscape contractors.


Hardwood chips are often sold to pulp and paper manufacturers.


Sawdust from the mill is commonly sold to farmers for animal bedding, pellet manufacturers and occasionally municipalities for industrial purposes.

Baillie's hardwood lumber by-products are sold by weight.  Contact our sawmill locations directly for pricing and availability.



Baillie Lumber Sawmill Locations

Boonville, NY 315-942-5284 189 West Street Boonville, NY 13309
Smyrna, NY 607-627-6547 5 Railroad Street Smyrna, NY 13464
Davenport, NY 607-278-6101 16691 State Highway 23 Davenport, NY 13750
Allegany, NY 716-373-1260 3786 Potter Rd, Allegany, NY 14706
Donalds, SC 864-456-3494 1225 Smith Street Ext Donalds, SC 29638
Trempealeau, WI 608-534-6156 23830 4th St. Trempealeau, WI 54661

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