Internships in the Hardwood Industry

hardwood lumber internshipsIn some instances recruiting candidates for corporate internship programs can be competitive. Especially for companies like us in the hardwood industry. Many times students are not familiar with hardwoods, the various types of roles and positions available or the general nature of the hardwood industry.

For us within The Baillie Group we strive to offer a unique and valuable internship program for students in many disciplines. In the past, we have regularly offered internships in the areas of forestry and logging, lumber manufacturing and facility management as well as lumber sales and various office administration roles.  We see it as a way for young professionals to gain experience in the our industry and for us to be introduced to new perspectives, discover new talent and potential future leaders.

So why should someone consider an internship with the Baillie Lumber team? Here are a few reasons that we feel are important:

Receive hands on experience – Our interns can be exposed to a variety of experiences. They can see what it would be like to be part of the actual production process, how foresters make an environmental impact, learn sales and trading techniques or what it is like working in an office setting.  As one of the leaders in the industry, we will make sure people learn as much as possible about the industry and gain experience to something they can directly apply to their education and future career.

Gain a mentor.   Any mentorship in an internship is invaluable, but the process we go through to match up the “right” mentor for our interns in key. The individuals who’ve worked in the hardwood industry for years have seen it all, experienced it all and know what it takes to have a successful career.  We’ll encourage our interns to can ask questions about everything and pick their brain, especially individuals in our sawmills and concentration yards. What you will learn will be valuable in any position in the hardwood industry or out.  To us, it is more about us being a resource for the professionals of tomorrow.

Expand your professional networking. Networking is vital in all internships. With an internship at Baillie Lumber you connect with individuals across the entire organization who you can continue to stay in touch with even after the program ends. We’ll encourage you to keep nurturing those connections, keep asking questions, and stay in contact for years to come for careers with us or other opportunities that you’ll need a reference for.

Consider it a working Interview.  The way we approach internships is that they are essentially “working interviews”. Our interns are exposed to a variety of different responsibilities right from the start. They get a true feel for how we do business, what we value, the level of effort required to succeed and the company dynamics as a whole. This will allow you to be confident in pursuing a career with us or not when you are looking to enter the workforce.

Be part of an eco-friendly industry. Yes, the hardwood industry is environmentally friendly.  Every bit of the logs we harvest for lumber are used. The sawdust from our mills is commonly sold to farmers for animal bedding and to pellet manufacturers. The hardwood chips that are created are often sold to pulp and paper manufacturers. The bark from the logs is generally sold to landscape contractors. And of course the lumber produced goes into products like solid hardwood flooring, wooden cabinetry and moulding all made from a sustainable material that is self-replenishing.  And since the industry as a whole practices selective harvesting techniques the North American hardwood forests renew themselves almost twice as fast as they are harvested!

So if you are interested in being part of the hardwood lumber industry contact us today. We would welcome the chance to start a conversation!

Jeff Teplitsky
Corporate Recruiter
Baillie Lumber Co.
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