Focus on Improving the Customer Experience

Most companies today are very focused on providing the very best customer experience they can. Whether that be providing individualized customer service, customized deliveries, or something else, enhancing the way they serve their customers or provide additional value is of the utmost importance.

improving customer experienceFor us, enhancing the customer experience can mean many things. For example, it could be producing a custom hardwood lumber product designed specifically for our customers manufacturing process or offering a special hardwood lumber inventory replenishment program. Whatever it is that helps provide value to our customers we are open to considering.

Over time, we have found a few things that help us improve how our employees attempt to improve the experience our customers have when doing business with us.  Here are a few things we find helpful.

Empower employees. Employees on the “front line” should be equipped with all the information and authority possible to assist customers. For us, these employees are our lumber traders and sales assistants. These employees have a wealth of information to share regarding:

  • The concerns buyers grapple with
  • What they want to know about our business
  • What’s most important to them 
  • How our business can fit in with their long-range goals 

We encourage these trusted team members to share their experiences throughout the organization. Sharing customer feedback with everyone from our sawmill managers to our logistic team makes a difference! Because when we do, we uncover new insights about what our customers want and need, and how to refine our marketing messages to let them know we’re here to help. 

Reach out on a regular basis. Most of your customers will only get in touch when they need something from you, or something has gone wrong. Of course, it’s important that they know they can get help whenever they need it; but when you proactively reach out to customers, just to see how they are doing, you quickly differentiate your business as one that puts customers first.

Be accessible throughout. Staying in touch with customers after a sale is made generates long-term trust and loyalty. Whether it’s providing additional information on how best to use the hardwood products we provide, providing a status on their pending orders, or simply being a trusted industry resource, our customers greatly appreciate our team is accessible and available for them day in and day out.

Offer support across numerous channels. These days, customers can engage with companies through a variety of channels and platforms. This means making your offerings available “across multiple channels online or off, on your website or social media, by mobile device or laptop,” so, as UX Magazine notes, prospects “enjoy the same great customer experience, same messaging, and the same ease of use,” regardless of how they come upon your business.

Nothing is as important to your customers than the experience they have while interacting with your business. Pay close attention to this experience and you’ll not only help others succeed, but you will also benefit greatly!

What do you find helpful? Let us know!

Tony C.
Baillie Lumber
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