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The most successful businesses recognize one critically important fact: Employees are our single greatest asset. Regardless of the size of the organization, fostering a team of talented, conscientious employees is the surest way for a business to grow.

show appreciationDemonstrating appreciation for your team members’ efforts is best when built into your corporate culture. We try our best at this. Whether it be in a luncheon in our of our sawmills, a holiday party in a concentration yard or a hand written thank you to a lumber trader and sales assistant, showing appreciation to employees is important to us. It is a key aspect of the corporate culture we are trying to maintain.

If you are focused on trying to enhance your efforts to show appreciation to your employees and develop a culture of gratitude, here are a few tips we find helpful.

1. Make it top down. It’s impossible to overestimate the impact of a verbal or written “thank you for your contributions” message that comes from your executive management team. Employees feel valued and “seen” when words of appreciation come from senior management.

2. Jump at the opportunity. When an employee’s “above-and-beyond” contribution comes to your notice (or to the notice of a supervisor or manager), there’s no better time to show appreciation than at that time. Saying thanks doesn’t have to involve a prolonged or complicated process; a quick verbal or brief written message will do the trick.

3. Let others know. You don’t have to stop there. Depending on the situation, consider sending out a group email acknowledging your appreciation. As Entrepreneur notes, “This shows not only that you appreciate [the employee], but allows them to receive accolades from their peers.”

4. Get the whole team involved. Consider giving employees a chance to show appreciation for their co-workers. At all-staff meetings, ask if anyone would care to share a thank-you towards others on the team. Get the ball rolling by offering appreciation yourself, then open the discussion to allow employees to do the same. As this becomes more accepted within your company culture, you’ll likely see more and more employees eager to speak up on behalf of other team members.

5. When mistakes occur, be supportive. Another, perhaps less intuitive opportunity to show appreciation can take place when a loyal employee falls short in his or her job duties. “If they make small mistakes, such as missing a project deadline by a few hours or neglecting a minor task, allow them to try again rather than reprimanding them,” suggests Indeed. Taking this approach “shows that you appreciate their hard work and that you trust them to do their best.”

6. Provide financial or other types of rewards. Saying “Thank you” is very important, but nothing is as tangible as a gift card for Starbucks, Amazon, or perhaps a company-related business. This kind of reward is suitable for individuals, while some larger displays of gratitude might include a project-based bonus or other form of monetary reward.

Whether you are in the hardwood lumber industry or not, showing appreciation to your employees is important. If you have other tips or ideas on this topic please let us know. We would love to hear from you!

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