Hardwoods Contribute to the Beauty of Autumn

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Hardwoods, and in some regards, the hardwood industry take center stage this time of year. The splendor of the season and the changing colors of the leaves of the hardwood trees make for a beautiful time of year!

hardwoods and autumnMost people recognize that the most dominant colors that are seen during this time are yellow, orange, and red. But some pink or purple colors can emerge as well. It happens because as temperatures get cooler and sunlight reduces hardwood trees lose their green color and begin to change because their ability to produce chlorophyll stops. Then, from our perspective, the beauty of autumn emerges!

Here are a few species that help turn the season colorful.

  • The leaves of the Northern red oak turn a deep red hue as fall arrives. This striking color is a great addition to any autumn landscape.
  • The American white ash is one of the few trees that sports both yellow and orange leaves during fall. These vibrant colors are sure to add some life to the colorful canopy of the forest.
  • Red maple is one of the most popular trees and provides beautiful fall colors. The leaves of this tree also turn a deep red hue, making it a perfect addition to any autumn season.
  • Hickory is a tree that features yellow and brown leaves and birch trees help add yellows to the forest as well. 
  • Birch and poplar, (tulipwood), trees also add to the yellow color of the season.
  • Black cherry trees add a dark purple-red and Black walnut and sugar maple trees round out the group of fall foliage changes a deep burgundy and a brilliant red hue as well.

So, over the course of the next few weeks, get out and take a walk in the woods. Enjoy the nature. Look at the leaves and try to identify the species. This site might help you do that based on their shapes! And be sure to check out this foliage tracker to help you identify the next time to take in the leaves in your area. Do your best to get out and take a hike and enjoy the season. Fresh air, beautiful scenery, and some exercise will certainly do us all some good!

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