White Oak in the Kitchen

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White oak has always been in the kitchen!  Whether it be the material of choice for cabinets, hardwood flooring or accent mouldings, white oak has been used by manufacturers for generations!

white oak in the kitchen imageIn recent years, as design trends allowed for the use of easily painted materials, substitutes for solid white oak lumber seemed to move in. But perhaps that is changing!

A quick internet search will find you several recent articles positioning white oak as a product of choice in the modern kitchen. Manufacturers and designs alike know there are many reasons why white oak is an excellent choice for kitchen products. Cabinets, tables, chairs as well as hardwood flooring are excellent uses for white oak. Why? Because it is a strong, durable species that is easy to clean as well as maintain.

For kitchen product manufacturers, finding a reliable and consistent source of white oak lumber can be a challenge. We are fortunate to be able to help in that area. Our unmatched supply and industry expertise, together with our passion to serve our customers, ensures we can provide access to the right hardwoods at the right price and time! We provide full tractor trailer and container sized shipments of white oak lumber from several hardwood sawmills throughout the eastern part of the United States. We can also provide a mixed load of hardwoods if you source other species as well! Our available hardwood inventory includes both NHLA lumber grades as well as our own enhanced proprietary hardwood lumber grades helping manufacturers reduce waste and increase lumber yields.

Ask us how we might be able to help you with your white oak needs. Email us today!

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