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Manufacturers, and distributors that serve them, who use hardwood lumber as a raw material for their finished goods are regularly looking for alternatives and options. Recently, we have seen a willingness from some to explore how Red Grandis might fit into their manufacturing operations.  Why? Because it is versatile and FSC certified!

Red Grandis is known for its consistent texture, grain and color. Some claim it is similar to other tropical species such as Genuine Mahogany and the North American species of Cedar and Cypress. It has a reputation for being extremely suitable as a hardwood lumber of choice for high-end furniture, millwork, doors, windows, ceilings, exterior siding and cladding.MACA 1

From our perspective, Red Grandis is one of those imported hardwood species that seems to have a great deal of versatility. It is 100% Eucalyptus Grandis and is a plantation grown hardwood sourced from Urufor in Uruguay. For us here at Baillie Lumber, we primarily stock 4/4” through 8/4” inventory in lengths ranging from 8’-16’. Our customers frequently comment that they appreciate that our inventory on hand is typically very heavy to 14’-16’ lengths.

We find that 8/4” is very difficult for Urufor to dry on a consistent basis. Therefore, limited volumes of that are produced and if we have any in stock we prefer to sell in a mixed load fashion with either 4/4” or 5/4” so to keep a fair balance of thicknesses available for all customers.

With the increased focus in eco-friendly and environmental sustainable material use, Red Grandis has become increasing sought after because of its 100% FSC Certified status.

As always, we believe our unmatched supply, industry expertise and our passion to be a resource and serve the needs of our customers, properly position us to be a trusted hardwood advisor. If you are looking for a new hardwood lumber material, perhaps Red Grandis is for you!

MACA 2With a full complement of both North American and imported tropical lumber items in our portfolio, along with being a proud authorized distributor of Red Grandis from Urufor, we would welcome the chance to discuss options with you. Contact us today!

Jesper Bach
Baillie Lumber Co.
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