Recruiting in Today's Hot Job Market

As we talk to others in the hardwood lumber industry, one conversation that is constantly brought up is how hard it is to hire. Whether that be hiring a lumber handler, a kiln operator or a lumber trader, it doesn’t matter. There just doesn’t seem to be enough people to fill the open positions.

It is no secret the hunt for qualified job candidates has only become more heated and competitive since the outset of 2022. Businesses are spending a lot of time and resources figuring out ways to attract the right people and to sustain a culture of high-quality employee recruitment and retention.

recruiting todayWe are always working hard to attain the status of “employer of choice,” with the understanding that job-seekers have a wide array of options to choose from these days. On our “Careers” page, for example, we offer information and videos about careers in the forest products industry, while also emphasizing our “employee-centric” culture. It’s just one way we try to search out and recruit the best job candidates out there. Here are a few other things we find helpful while trying to hire in today’s hot job market.

Think about what interests younger adults. Young men and women may not currently have our industry in mind, so crafting content and other materials that interests this demographic is so important. For example, the wonderful eco-friendly and sustainability stories of the hardwood industry seem to resonate very well!

Craft a clear-cut, informative job description. Job candidates encountering vague or ambiguous wording about job responsibilities can easily move on to the next open position.

With every new job posting, be sure the title reflects the position, and that the job duties are clearly stated. Anything less can make “your company’s hiring process look incompetent, careless, and vague [which] can be discouraging” for job candidates, notes CuteHR.

Tailor your interview process to be more welcoming to job-seekers. All too often, a company’s lackluster approach to job interviews turns off qualified candidates, who then seek more welcoming cultures elsewhere.

As Indeed notes, “a candidate’s first impression of your company is critical,” so strive to “make them feel like you’re just as excited about getting to know them as they are about being considered for the role.” This includes keeping commitments to scheduled phone interviews and in-person meetings; offering a reassuring environment in which to conduct the interview; and being open to further questions from candidates after the interview has concluded.

Crank up your social media recruitment efforts. These days, you won’t get far in your recruiting efforts without a strong social media presence. There are numerous social media platforms on which you can post job openings and other recruitment-related material. The key is choosing the right platform, then leveraging the draw of social media to paint an appealing portrait of your organization, with details about why coming to work at your company is so important to job-seekers.

Whether it’s Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, or more industry-specific platforms, your recruiters (and employees, too) to reach out to prospective job candidates. Share news about your company culture. Post ongoing updates about new open positions. Encourage your team members to share their own favorable experiences at your business. Gradually, word will get out among job-seekers that your business is well worth looking into.

What other things work for you? Let us know. We are always looking for new ideas!

Tony Cimorelli
Baillie Lumber
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