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In North America, more than half of all the hardwoods harvested and manufactured are oaks. Red oak and white oak are both beautiful hardwoods with both species having their respective place for those working with hardwoods. However, in most instances, red oak is the dominant species type.

For years, companies have relied on the supply and the beauty of red oak to make their products. Red Oak is regularly used in everything from cabinetry and flooring to millwork and furniture.8 4 Red Oak Prime KD 9 10 Corner View

Recently, it seems the market demand for red oak lumber products has been unpredictable. It is still one of the most sort after products by our customers but shifting market conditions have caused customers to be more specific with their inquiries as they look to just replenish certain lengths, widths or thicknesses instead of stockpiling inventory. And special orders don’t upset us!

For us, Red oak still remains one of our most important products for our yards and mills. We manufacture and ship red oak from almost all of our facilities daily. We produce red oak hardwood lumber in 4/4” through 16/4” thicknesses. We regularly offer custom length or width sorts to assist customers improve their manufacturing yields. Recently, we have also been even converting random width red oak into specific fixed width hardwood blanks using SLR2E & S4S services to help customers produce decorative panels, moulding and millwork products more efficiently.

So, how do you like your red oak delivered to you? Random width? Ripped-to-width? A specific length? How about a certain color sort or grain pattern?  Whatever it is, if you have the need for red oak lumber let us know if we can help you. We are happy to help figure out what Red Oak products would work best for YOU! Contact us today!

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Baillie Lumber
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