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It’s a little startling to think about how much short videos have become integrated into our daily lives, both personal and professional.

According to HubSpot, online viewers spend almost 20 hours a week watching videos, with many of these viewers employing their smartphone for this purpose. That’s a lot of eyeballs scanning their screens in search of entertainment or business knowledge. And those of us in the hardwood lumber industry are probably some of them! It seems not a day goes by where a colleague doesn’t share a video of a forester walking a lot, a logger felling a tree, or a sawmill debarking a log!

videomarketingFor us at the Baillie Group we are constantly looking for new ways to create and actively share videos of the hardwood lumber business on social media, as well as with current and prospective customers. We believe videos help enhance awareness of our products, capabilities and offers.

Over time, we have found the following few ideas are important to keep front and center!

Tell a story. Customers, like everyone else, are drawn to stories. What’s the “origin story” behind your business? How have you helped customers in the past? Think of questions your market might have and try to develop short, informative marketing-based videos to get your message across.

Secure the resources for quality video results. Technology is moving quickly. Viewers expectations are too! This isn’t an area where you should try to cut corners. People are accustomed to seeing well-crafted videos online, particularly on business websites. So, prepare yourself with the require time, resources, and money to deliver the best impression possible.

Promote your company’s culture and personality. Remember that “people don’t want to watch boring videos,” notes WebFX, preferring instead videos “that are engaging and full of personality.” Reflect upon what differentiates your company from others and tell that story through video.

This is also important in terms of recruiting new employees for your organization. As we have noted before, “A brief video (no more than five minutes) that shares what it’s like to work for your business can attract more interest than a typical job description offered as a bloc of text.”

Invite customers to share your video content. Your most loyal and enthusiastic customers have a lot of positive things to say about your company. Why not encourage them to share your videos with their contacts! Maybe they would even consider being part of one of your videos. Show how your products are used on maybe provide a brief video testimonial that supports your story!

These days, marketing encompasses a vast range of tools and resources. The special appeal about videos makes this an essential part of a company’s marketing campaigns. Consider increasing the use of video in your marketing efforts. You might be surprised by the results!

Tony Cimorelli
Baillie Lumber
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