Have You Been Rethinking Your Hardwood Supply Chain

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Many industry experts believe we are operating in unprecedented times. Manufacturers around the world have been dealing with what seems like a constant and endless list of challenges. From international tariff changes and a global pandemic, manufactures have all felt the impact on their supply chain. 

Rising shipping rates and a global imbalance in availability has impacted raw material acquisition as well as the shipment of finished goods to the market.

thehardwoodsupplychainimageMany manufacturing leaders have been wrestling with the obvious question … “Has the math of global outsourcing changed?” Years ago, outsourcing to offshore locations was very competitive. It was a logical decision for most companies. If a company had the size and the ambition to develop their products overseas, the supply chain was reliable and cost effective enough to make it a profitable decision. However, in today’s market, we are not quite as sure.

Companies are asking what is the real cost of unreliable delivery, rising costs, tariffs, and general global market uncertainty. Many are finding it is more profitable to return manufacturing operations to their home country or at least bring them closer to their consumers to lessen the uncertainty of delivery.  It seems the math to outsource may not be as convincing as it once was!

Today, we find that many of the manufacturers we deal with are finding ways to return, or to expand their operations here in the United States. But that brings other issues that need to be overcome. Labor shortages, over-regulation and logistical challenges are very real here in North America.

The good thing is we have been able to help manufacturers overcome some of these challenges. We have worked with our customers to find new hardwood sourcing alternatives.  We have helped them reduce the amount of manpower needed to produce their products. We have found ways to enable them to receive more usable materials per shipment.  We have identified ways they could reduce waste and improve productivity. Perhaps we can do the same for you!

We understand these are rapidly changing times that require creative solutions and strategic partnering now more than ever! We have developed new capabilities and new hardwood product offerings that are helping our customers “change the math in their favor!” Let us do the same for you!

Please, consider contacting us today to discuss how we may be able to help you.

We look forward to the conversation!

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