4 Tips on Improving Your Content Marketing Program

Written by Jesper Bach

One key differentiator among competing businesses is the availability of customer-focused content. Savvy businesses leverage this advantage through what’s called “content marketing,” meaning essentially the creation and distribution of information that is timely, relevant, and aimed at helping current and prospective clients.

Many experts agree that high-quality content is (or should be) a valuable component of any long-term marketing strategy.

For us who operate in the forest products industry interesting content can come from many different avenues. It could be pictures from a forester cruising a timber stand or a head rig beginning the sawing process. It could be videos of the hardwood lumber grading process or it could be a beautifully packaged bundle of lumber like white oak or walnut. The key is to develop something that connects with your audience and invites action.

Like many others, we’ve championed outstanding web content for many years. If you are thinking about starting, or enhancing your own content marketing programs, here are a few tips we find helpful.a few content marketing ideas

  1. Solve problems. As an expert in your field, you can instruct and influence your social media followers, as well as other prospects who encounter your website or platform for the first time. Above all else, people in business want solutions to the challenges they face.

  2. Offer in-depth content. It may seem counterintuitive in our “short-attention era,” but experts encourage publication and distribution of long-form content. For every reader who skims a blog post or article, there are many others who want more in-depth information on a given issue.

    Long-form content “not only performs better for search engines algorithms … but it also attracts and retains a dedicated audience,” notes Rock Content. Offering evergreen (original) content “will be the most valuable use of your time and marketing budget.”

  3. Be authentic (not self-promoting). Social media followers and others who come across your company’s content will respond less favorably if all they encounter is “fluff” and other clearly self-promoting material. Opportunities to promote your business fall within your general marketing efforts and shouldn’t overlap into fresh content you offer online.

    Denamico recommends that businesses “identify subject matter experts within your organization and ask them to write on topics they know well,” make sure to “infuse your brand’s personality … without adding industry jargon,” and “write with people, not just search engines, in mind.”

  4. Have a consistent voice. Sometimes, businesses offer content across different platforms that appears inconsistent, or even contradicts, content presented elsewhere under a company’s name. This only leads to reader confusion about what a business has to offer and how it can help solve key operational and customer issues.

Content marketing is a key tool in every business’s effort to reach out and influence existing and prospective customers. By following clear guidelines and keeping the customer’s needs top-of-mind, you can create content that’s meaningful and relevant, and that establishes your business as a thought leader in your industry.

What other content marketing practices work for you? Let us know!

Tony Cimorelli
Baillie Lumber
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