The Latest on Imported Hardwoods

Written by Jesper Bach

It certainly has been a busy start to 2022 for us here in Baillie’s imported hardwoods group! We have had the good fortune to ship lots of lumber out to our customers in the first quarter, and in April as well!

On the other hand, the arrival on incoming imported lumber to our facility for processing were quite slow to put it mildly.the latest on imports

Douala, Cameroon is where the majority of our African shipments have their origin. In any given month we are seeing only 40-50% of our desired volumes shipping out. The lumber we have ordered is produced and ready for shipment, however, it is the lack of empty containers to ship the cargo to the US that is the problem.

In addition, shipping rates have been steadily increasing. We also are having to accept delivery of imported lumber to ports in the United States ports we don’t typically work with. This has also added additional cost to our inland freight.

Fortunately, we have seen a small increase in volumes of Sapele shipped to us in April. We feel this is a good indication that we should have better volumes of imported lumber arriving in June. If that is the case, after we put it through the drying process and grade it we should have some more footage available for July or August shipment.

For the more exotic items like Zebrawood, Wenge, Bubinga and Padouk we are still finding these species a bit more challenging to source. And that also pertains to Purpleheart from Brazil. We still have low volumes of this species in stock.

So in summary, we have what we need for our customers on order. it’s just a matter of receiving, production and shipping. So, please continue to check in frequently. We will do everything we can to cover your imported hardwood lumber needs!

Jesper Bach
Baillie Lumber
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