On The Road Again! - Imported Hardwood Market Update

Written by Jesper Bach

After a little bit of a hiatus, it was finally time to get on the road. Recently, I spent some time in Central America, particularly in Mexico, where we have worked with the same suppliers for the past 16 years now!

Mexico is our primary source for Genuine Mahogany “Swietenia Macrophylla.” We have a few loads coming and hopefully more in the next few months.ontheroadagain

During my visit, the logging season was well underway. Plenty of logs were already felled, so the next step is extracting them to the log deck and then loading and transporting them to the sawmills.

The logging process in Mexico is not modern logging and sawmilling like we see in most of the US. Local villages have the rights to the land and each village either has a small sawmill or they sell to others with a sawmill. Forklifts are quite uncommon, so trucks and containers are all loaded by hand, something you would never see in the US.

While Mahogany services mostly the musical and architectural industry the other popular species sourced (Caribbean Rosewood (Chechen), Caribbean Walnut (Tzalam), Katalox, Chactecoc and Chacteviga) cater to the flooring and retail industries.

Just like many of the other countries we source from it has been difficult on the supply side, but the new season is underway and we are hopeful we will have a lot more product to offer from Mexico in 2022!

Jesper Bach
Baillie Lumber Co.
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