Promoting Employee Health and Well-being

It’s no secret, healthy employees can be more productive employees! Of course, every individual is responsible for his or her health and wellbeing, but that also leaves plenty of room for companies to actively support activities and programs that result in a healthier workforce.  

We find that taking the well-being of our employees very seriously helps create a better work environment and a more efficient operation. For us, we consider it a win-win! Whether it is one of our skilled hardwood lumber graders at one of our sawmills or one of our knowledgeable hardwood lumber traders in our corporate office, we understand that “overworked and highly stressed employees can impact a company’s output and have negative effects on retaining and recruiting new workers.” That’s why we try to promote that our team members practice healthy habits.employee wellbeing

We know we are not alone. Many companies promote healthy lifestyles in the workplace.  We’ve actually received great ideas from others and have seen value in utilizing some of their suggestions.  Here are a few things that we focus on that you might also see value in.

Educate. When a business sponsors or promotes health education programs, it sends the message that an employee’s wellbeing is a top priority. We have found that when you look for ways to provide employees education on the issue of wellness it helps. Vendor in-service presentations or webinars, sharing information on healthy eating and regular exercise, or even providing on-site flu shot programs can really help. Also consider adding a “health corner” to your employee newsletter, intranet page, or as a part of your ongoing communication programs!

Watch for burnout. Working beyond normal business hours can lead to stress and burnout. Let employees know that, while a prompt response to customer concerns and attention to detail are always important, it’s necessary to avoid taking part in too many big projects at the same time. We believe in striving for a proper work-life balance and do what we can to help our employees achieve it.

Encourage preventative health programs. Another clear demonstration of employer concern for team members can be demonstrated in the emphasis of wellness screening, exercise, and other preventative health measures. We find value in creating opportunities for health professionals to communicate with our employees directly, allowing employees time to exercise, scheduling annual on-premise influenza vaccines, and organizing programs such as team “Fall Fitness Challenges.”

Have fun! Employee health and wellbeing are serious matters, but they can be addressed in a fun way. Think about holding employee athletic events (sports teams or employee tournaments like bocce or corn hole)—nothing too strenuous or overly competitive, but rather an activity that promotes teamwork and is fun to engage in.

Promoting employee health offers ancillary benefits to the organization. In addition to deepening employee engagement, a health-conscious business can quickly gain a reputation as an “employer of choice,” attracting job candidates looking for a place where they can work and take better care of themselves. In these circumstances, everyone wins.

What methods have you found effective in promoting employee wellness? We are regularly looking for new ideas. We would love to hear what has worked for you!

Brett Del Prince
Baillie Lumber
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