World Wood Yard Will Meet Your Needs!

Our concentration yard in Cove City, North Carolina is equipped to meet all your hardwood lumber needs!  Known to many as the World Wood Yard, the team there takes pride in focusing on the finer details of manufacturing high-quality hardwoods.

On a recent trip to visit our World Wood facility we once again found the team doing an exceptional job. The care and focus from the employees at the yard is directly reflected in the excellent lumber that is produced there.worldwoodmeetneeds

The World Wood yard is strategically located to some of the finest Appalachian Hardwoods in the industry making it an excellent hardwood sourcing location. Known primarily for the exceptional Red Oak and White Oak it produces, World Wood also provides high-quality Walnut, Poplar, and Ash.  Not to mention, it is also the centralized yard for the Tropical Hardwood species we provide our customers!

From this facility, Baillie Lumber provides imported tropical hardwoods from Africa, Central and South America, and Asia. Typically, these species are imported to World Wood to be properly dried to the right moisture content, prepared, and packaged for shipment. Our tropical lumber portfolio from World Wood contains a variety of species, thicknesses, grades, and lengths available where customers can mix and match and satisfy their specific lumber inventory needs as required. Many of our customers benefit from ordering mixed loads containing both domestic and tropical lumber to replenish their inventory.

wwflatOne of the things that the World Wood team does best is placing an emphasis on their drying process. A careful combination of t-shed air drying, pre-drying, and kiln drying is overseen by their experienced team. As you can see in the photo to the right, the 4/4 White Oak is flat and straight, so flat that it might appear to be surfaced, but it’s not! Flat, wide, and free of end checks. This is a prime example of the dedication to details by the team at World Wood.

In a conversation with Yard Manager, Bryan Swift regarding the quality of the hardwoods produced at World Wood he noted that “What really makes World Wood great is the people. It is nice to see the pride this team puts into the work they do, and that is evident in the quality of the product produced.”

If you are looking for high-quality Appalachian hardwoods, tropical hardwoods, or maybe even both. World Wood is worth your consideration!

Brett Del Prince
Baillie Lumber Co.
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