What We Find Helpful When Recruiting Today

A lot of hardwood lumber manufacturers, like other businesses, are in a rush to attract and recruit new, talented employees. As the country enters a post-pandemic future, it’s become vital for companies to fill open positions and gain a stronger foothold on upcoming business challenges.

At Baillie Lumber, we’re keenly aware of the value of a skilled team of employees. Whether it is finding the right sawyers, lumber stackers, or forklift operators at one of our sawmills or even adding someone to our accounting and I.T. teams, we have been working hard on our recruitment efforts. We continuously are refining our recruitment methods to attract the type of individual who’s best suited for our company.recruitingtoday

Lately, we have found these tips to be helpful.

Make sure your job descriptions are accurate and compelling. Drafting a clear and engaging job description isn’t easy. But, notes Glassdoor for Employers, unless you use “language that highlights the benefits and rewards of working at your organization,” you won’t gain much traction among job-seekers. In addition to detailing what sets your business apart from competitors, be sure to mention “company perks, benefits, career advancement opportunities, and interesting projects candidates can expect to work on.”

Ramp up your social media recruitment efforts. Never before has social media had such influence on the job market. There are numerous platforms on which you can post job openings and other recruitment-related material. The key is leveraging the draw of social media to paint an appealing portrait of your organization, with details about why coming to work at your company is so important to job-seekers.

Whether it’s YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, or more industry-specific platforms, urge your in-house recruiters (and employees, too) to reach out to prospective job candidates. Share news about your company culture. Post ongoing updates about new open positions. Encourage your team members to share their own favorable experiences at your business. Gradually, word will get out among job-seekers that your business is well worth looking into.

Make your “careers page” useful and easy. As your recruitment efforts become more sophisticated, revisit the “Careers” page on your company website. Make sure this page contains useful information, is easy to navigate, and has eye-catching graphic design, including relevant photos and videos about your business. Fresh content on your “Careers” page will draw more applicant interest and motivate job-seekers to learn more.  

Make the most out of the “applicant experience.” Businesses sometimes lose out on potentially valuable candidates because the process of applying for an open position is difficult or bothersome. As we have noted before, “Job applicants learn pretty quickly which businesses treat them well and which don’t.” As part of your “applicant experience tune-up,” make sure to:

  • Respond promptly to applications submitted or questions asked.
  • Do your homework (research on the applicant’s work history, skillset, etc.) prior to conducting a job interview.
  • Regardless of the outcome, follow up with every job candidate.

A favorable applicant experience helps cement your company’s reputation as an employer of choice.

It is no secret, to stay healthy and competitive, hardwood lumber companies must find ways to attract and recruit great employees. We need to ensure our positions, as well as our industry, are appealing and attractive to today’s workforce. We need to find people who are interested in creating a long-lasting career as foresters, log buyers, sawyers, lumber buyers, graders, kiln operators, or even safety managers.

Why? Because it is likely that job candidates are drawn to your company because of these tips, and similar recruitment efforts, are more likely to find purpose and satisfaction in their new jobs. This can lead to greater overall employee retention—the “holy grail” of businesses in 2021 and beyond. And that would be great for all of us.

What do you think?

Let us know.

Brett Del Prince
Baillie Lumber
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