Year-End Import Update from Jesper

Here we are at the beginning of December and coming closer to the end of 2020, what a different year this has been. I made a few trips at the beginning of the year to visit some of our domestic customers, my last trip was at the end of February to visit some customers in the Northeast, I have been “grounded” since then.

ImportUpdateYearEndI sincerely miss visiting our overseas suppliers, we are very grateful that they have all, for the most part, remained open, operated safely, and have been able to continue to produce and ship product to us. I am looking forward to the time where it is possible to go and make those visits again, and to continue to build on the strong relationships that we already have.

We did see a little slowdown in the spring, but other than that our business has remained steady throughout the year. We have been fortunate to have some loyal customers as well as some new customers this year, and we have worked hard to meet their needs for product and just-in-time shipments.

Looking back now at 2020, what really stands out to me is all of our employees in Cove City, NC. Our team has done a fantastic job of keeping our imported wood program running. They worked in the spring to implement new procedures with the virus, and they have worked since then with no issues at all. We are tightening those procedures right now as the virus numbers are increasing, and I sincerely hope that we may continue to operate without issues and that this hardworking crew and their families remain safe and healthy.

Happy Holidays, and best wishes for you in 2021.

Jesper Bach
Baillie Lumber Co.
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