Teak "Tectona grandis"

Teak has a long history in the woodworking business. Its primary uses include boat building, exterior constructions, veneer, and furniture among many of its other uses.  Teak is the ideal wood for outdoor usage due to it’s high oil content that makes it extremely stable and able to stand up to outdoor conditions.

teakgrandisOf the natural grown Teak, Burma (Myanmar) accounts for nearly half of the world's volume. However, due to the high value of Teak, it is available in plantation grown form from almost every tropical region in the world, with the first plantations dating back to the 1700s. 

For some, true Burmese teak is the most desired item for specialty projects, and that is what we have in stock. 100% Burmese Teak. Our current inventory includes 4/4”, 6/4” and 8/4” lumber, all widths are 6”+wider, and lengths start at 6’ and longer. We have various sorts as well, quarter sawn in all thicknesses and 8/4” where we look for quarter sawm on the edge of the board so that it can be ripped and the pieces for Teak decking all be quarter sawn pieces. 

Teak, unlike our mahogany species, tends to sell in smaller volumes, so in addition to making some larger sized bundles, we have plenty of stock available in the 100-200 bft size as well, so whatever volume you are looking for we can help!

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