Imported Hardwood Update

Another month has passed, COVID 19 is still with us, and some states are talking about soft openings at this point. Time will tell what happens, as it seems there are very different opinions on that subject.

Our import yard has been hustling and we shipped out a good amount of lumber to our customers in April and demand for just-in-time shipments has remained steady so far.  blimportedupdatemay

When we import hardwoods into our Cove City, NC facility we are the first point of import. We buy air-dried lumber from around the world and we process and kiln dry it at our facility to ensure the moisture content that customers expect. This allows us to offer our customers a varied inventory of high quality imported hardwood lumber.  

Overseas, many of our suppliers are skeptical. They really do not know what the near future holds for them with so many possible variables ahead. This holds true for all regions that we buy from. For example, in Africa, the rainy season is approaching, which traditionally slows down supply, but with the COVID 19 on top of that, it’s really hard to imagine what the situation will be like in the coming months.  

In terms of inventory, Sapele makes up the bulk of what is in our sheds. However, in total we carry at times more than 25 different species of imported hardwoods, some in as much as 7 different thicknesses in addition to grain and width sorts. Typically, we carry 1.5 million board feet or more of KD lumber available for prompt shipment, that allows our customers to rely on just-in-time product. 

That is what makes us a one-stop shop location for many customers whether they are after a full order of imported hardwoods or mixed loads with some of our North American hardwood lumber offerings.  

Stay safe, and we will bring another update on the import situation in June.

Jesper Bach
Baillie Lumber Co.
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