Purpleheart "Peltogyne spp"

Purpleheart is just that, a beautiful deep purple color. Particularly when it’s fresh and kept out of the sunlight (unless UV protected). 

 DSC7956Also known as Pau Roxo in Brazil, we buy this species air dried, and after a little time in the yard, it’s hard to see that it is Purpleheart. Like many other kinds of wood, the exposure to sunlight turns the wood grey. After drying and re-handling the bundles the Purple color is back again. The main known issue with Purpleheart is a black resin that can be a little difficult to deal with. However, we are very careful about the regional origin of the Purpleheart we buy to avoid this issue.

Purpleheart has many different uses, ranging from decorative to inlays/accent, flooring, furniture, construction and boat building. We stock Purpleheart in 4/4” and 8/4” thickness, very often up to 18’ in length.

Jesper Bach
Baillie Lumber Co.
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