North American Hardwoods: A Responsible Choice

When looking at the hardwood lumber industry as a whole, it can be hard to put it into words the many aspects that make this such a unique and rewarding industry to be a part of. 

For some, it could be the challenge, complexity, and global nature of the hardwood industry that attracts them. For others, it can even be the people and relationships formed with the people in this industry are what really stand out for them. While all of that is important, the hardwood lumber industry has so much to offer in regard to being a resource that is responsibly manufactured, uniquely beautiful, and can be used to create products that last generations.  DSC5966

Upon reflection, here are a few reasons why we believe that hardwoods are a responsible choice. 

Sustainability – Often, those on the outside of the industry are not familiar with the fact that the North American hardwood forests are growing, abundant and self-generating.  Many reports indicate that there is twice as much new growth than what is being harvested for timber.  And since the industry uses responsible timber harvesting techniques, which means only the mature, overcrowded, diseased, dying and poorly formed trees are cut for timber, the forests continue to thrive. 

A NATURAL Resource – There has been a push for the last few years for customers that demand natural, safe, and healthy products that don’t put family, friends, and the environment at risk. This could be chemical additives, carcinogenic, or unethical/detrimental manufacturing processes.

In this regard, hardwoods offer a safely manufactured, responsibly harvested, product that also offers a unique beauty, feel, and warmth to almost any product. From hardwood flooring to cabinetry, to furniture, products made with hardwoods are as safe as they are natural!

Carbon Sequestration – As trees grow throughout North American hardwood forests they absorb and remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, separate carbon dioxide into carbon and oxygen and then the oxygen is returned to the air.  The carbon that remains is then used to grow branches, leaves and even the trunk of the tree and the remainder of the carbon is stored, or sequestered, not just for the life of the tree, but for the life of the products made as well! 

This is a major benefit many other resources and products do not offer, as products made with North American hardwoods contribute to the long-term sequestration of carbon. Helping the environment. 

No Waste -  As we mentioned recently, many people are surprised to hear of the fact that every aspect of a hardwood log is used and none of it is wasted.  After a mill saws logs into the boards, even the by-products created such as lumber chips, the tree bark and sawdust are then many times used for energy or agricultural needs.

From our perspective, it is easy to tout the benefits of hardwood lumber as a resource, and what makes the hardwood lumber industry so appealing. Beyond the beauty and appeal of hardwood products, we have to make sure to get the word out that hardwoods are not a thing of the past, but the responsible choice for the future! 

Brett Del Prince
Baillie Lumber
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