Developing a Diverse Culture Within Your Organization

Business leaders are coming to understand that having a diverse workplace is good for business. As Kabbage, a technology platform, notes, promoting diversity and inclusiveness “can help you understand the needs and differences about a variety of consumers and employees.” This approach “allows for different perspectives and personalities to introduce new ideas to your business plan and your workplace in general.”

At Baillie Lumber, we adhere to a hiring policy that embraces all qualified candidates, regardless of their background. We understand that “diversity” encompasses a broad array of categories and that hiring should reflect the diverse population of clients we serve every day.   DSC5564

Here are some suggested steps to promote more diversity within your business: 

Broaden your own perspectives. Change starts with the people at the top. You and your executive team should strive to embrace a wide spectrum of views, which in turn depends upon becoming better educated about differing cultures and life experiences. Reading and travel are two key avenues towards achieving this goal. 

Communicate your pledge to embrace diversity. Let everyone know that your company is committed to a policy of diversity in the workplace. Make clear that you value the input provided by people coming from different cultural and socio-economic backgrounds, and that their diverse perspectives are often a great way to find new solutions to pressing organizational problems.  

Revisit hiring policies. Have your HR team scrutinize every aspect of your company’s existing hiring process and root out any actions that reduce, rather than broaden, the range of qualified applicants for open positions. Explore the benefits of diversity training (both for your hiring team and the rest of your employees), so that everyone understands that inclusiveness is good for business and should be promoted at all levels. 

Be more aware. We’re all still susceptible to making insensitive remarks to co-workers or colleagues from time to time. To offset this and become more attuned to others’, pay close attention to your interactions with coworkers. Each of these scenarios “are valuable opportunities to improve your own awareness, and your colleagues will appreciate your effort.” 

We all stand to benefit from greater cultural awareness and a commitment to diversity in hiring. We have found great value in having a diverse team here at Baillie. This is especially apparent for us in our team of Lumber Traders, which help us to better understand and meet customers needs all over the globe. It’s the most effective way to contend with ever-changing conditions in the global marketplace.

Brett Del Prince
Baillie Lumber
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