Ipe "Tabebuia spp"

Written by Jesper Bach

In the 90’s and early 2000’s Ipe was extremely popular in the US market for both flooring and decking, it was relative inexpensive compared to today and it was very durable and exotic looking product for it’s price.

20 years later Ipe is now mostly used for exterior decking, it is an incredibly durable specie for this purpose and it is used all around the world. It has excellent insect resistance and handles weathering extremely well. Overall the density and durability of Ipe makes it very difficult to work with but in turn makes it a fantastic choice for applications that see a lot of wear such as hardwood flooring, decking, tool handles, etc. Unfortunatley, the price has increased more than 300% in cost in the last 20 years, and it requires a lot of attention on the purchasing side regarding legality.64 PR Ipe Worldwood side

The heartwood on Ipe can range form a red/brown to a black/brown with black stripes which make it a very attractive tropical hardwood. Sometimes it can even be difficult to distinguish Ipe with another South American tropical species, Cumaru. However, Ipe tends to have a darker tone. 

We are not currently stocking KD Ipe Lumber, but we can offer it based on requests. We also do not stock the Ipe Decking, but we are actively wholesaling this product to our customers in the US, based on direct shipments from Brazil in order to assure the lowest possible delivered price.

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