Genuine Mahogany "Swietenia macrophylla"

Written by Jesper Bach

Genuine Mahogany is the most famous of the imported species, and it has been used in fine woodworking for hundreds of years. 

First discovered in Central America and used in Europe, more recently, South America was the primary source. However, in the last few years it is back to Central America again for supply. In the 1980’s to early 2000’s the volumes imported by the US were substantial, today’s volumes are only a fraction of that.Genuine Mahogany Mexico 2015

Genuine Mahogany goes by many names, often the country of origin is used in front of the word mahogany, but it is all Swietenia macrophylla, the same botanical species. Legality is important for this species and it is monitored by CITES (Convention for Internationally Traded Endangered Species), so extra paperwork is involved and the source countries are heavily monitored. Our Genuine Mahogany is 100% from Mexico, we make frequent visits regarding legality, which we have been doing for more than 15 years now, so we are very comfortable with the legality of our product. 

Recently the musical industry has been greater demand for Genuine Mahogany, but it is also used for doors, windows, architectural millwork and more. We carry Genuine Mahogany all the way from 4/4” and up to 16/4” in thickness, and all of the lumber is dried at our facility in Cove City, NC.

Have any questions on whether Genuine Mahogany will work for you? Let us know, we are happy to help.

Jesper Bach
Baillie Lumber Co.
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